Best Adjustable Beds

+ An adjustable bed is a bed which has a multi-hinged lying surface which can be profiled to a number of different positions. Common adjustments include inclining the upper body and raising the lower body independently of each other.

+ The market for motorized adjustable bed bases is expanding, as the mattress industry has begun to heavily promote them to consumers as a comfort and lifestyle choice.

+ Adjustable beds have been used in hospitals for a long time, but have become more commonly used in homecare over the past three decades, as they have been found to provide relief from various conditions.

+ Adjustable beds used in hospitals and homecare are similar in basic functionality. The four main options available in the homecare industry are: Standard – Standard profiling beds can be lowered to around 40cm and raised to around 80cm and have a maximum user weight capacity of at least 28 stone.

The Best Adjustable Bed Bases on Amazon


1/ Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base — Ergonomic Queen

The Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base includes a wireless remote with preset positions that automatically adjust to meet your comfort needs. The bed base has a sleek and contemporary design while providing perfect support for the mattress so it does not slip. This bed frame works great with memory foam and latex mattresses as well as adjustable bed friendly spring mattresses. This bed base is most suitable for watching TV, reading, or working on your computer. People suffering from diseases like sleep apnea, heartburn, acid reflux or GERD would also benefit from an adjustable bed base.


Length Width Height
Twin X-Long 79″ 38″ 15″
Full 74″ 53″ 15″
Queen 79″ 59″ 15″
King 79″ 75″ 15″

2/ Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Affordamatic 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base, Queen

With the Adjustable Comfort Affordamatic Bed Base, a box spring is not needed – it acts as a platform bed, creating more room for under bed storage. The Adjustable Affordamatic Bed Base is great for customers who need to be elevated due to a medical condition, as well as customers who just want the lifestyle benefits of having an adjustable bed. The head and feet of the base can be raised and lowered using the wired remote control. Perfect for watching TV, reading, or working on your computer. The Adjustable Affordamatic Bed Base is able to ship small parcel and is easy to set up. Just unpack, assemble the frame and place your mattress on top. Works great with memory foam and latex mattresses as well as adjustable bed friendly innerspring or hybrid mattresses. The Adjustable Comfort Affordamatic Bed Base has a sleek, contemporary look while providing the ultimate all over support for your mattress.


Length Width Height
Twin X-Long 80″ 39″ 15″
Full 75″ 54″ 15″
Queen 79.5″ 59.5″ 15″

3/ Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base — Queen

The L300 ships for free right to your door in an easy-to-manage package that two people can safely team-carry to any room in the house.

Sleeping with an increased head angle helps reduce sleep apnea, acid reflux, snoring, and can even help improve blood circulation during pregnancy.


Dimensions:  Queen: 59.5 x 79.5
Full:   52.5 x 74.5
Twin:   37.5 x 79.5
Thickness:  15″
Featured Materials:  Steel and Polyester
Shipping:  Free Shipping
Warranty:   10 Year Warranty

4/ Lucid L100 Adjustable Bed Base

Become a part of the #flatfree revolution at a price you can afford with the Lucid® L100 Adjustable Bed Base. With head and foot incline you can easily sit up in bed to watch TV, work on a laptop, or read a book without all those extra pillows. The L100 has a premium, responsive motor that moves your bed quickly and quietly without disturbing your partner. It is also fast and easy to set up. It comes folded for easy shipping, so when you get your new adjustable bed base, simply unfold it, screw on the legs, and plug it in. Attach the wired remote so you never lose it and you are ready to experience a new way of living and sleeping. With a 600-pound weight limit and a 5-year limited warranty, the L100 is ready to help you upgrade your downtime.

Product at a Glance


Twin Xl: 37.5 x 79.5  Queen: 59.5 x 79.5  Full: 52.5 x 75.5

Thickness: 14″

Featured Material: Steel

Shipping: Free Shipping

Warranty: 5 Year

5/ ShipShape Adjustable Bed Base With Ultra-Quiet Motor and Wired Remote, Queen

This base includes head and feet articulation that will raise the feet to the same level as the heart in a zero gravity position. These body angle adjustments can potentially help ease stress, reduce soreness in the body, and moderate or eliminate snoring, allowing you to receive the highest level of personal comfort and the sleep you need. ShipShape is designed with ultra light construction and UPS-shippable packaging. Did you also know most brands of innerspring, foam, or air mattresses are adjustable-friendly?

Main Features Adjustable Bed Base

  • Queen UPS-shippable adjustable base with head and feet articulation
  • Whisper quiet motor with 450 lbs. total max weight
  • Body angle adjustments can potentially reduce body pain, and moderate or eliminate snoring
  • Slender profile appearance, 4″ legs with dual-wheel locking casters, variable height options, and wired remote
  • Measures 16” (H) x 60” (W) x 80” (L) and comes with a 1-year, 3-year, and 25-year limited warranty

ShipShape Adjustable Bed Base

Add luxury and comfort to your bedroom. Head and foot articulation up to a zero gravity position allow for personal stress relief and reduced soreness. With a tethered remote for easy controls, the ShipShape Adjustable Bed Base creates a sleeping space that optimizes relaxation and rejuvenates you to face the day.


6/ iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base

The iDealBed 4i Custom is the pinnacle of performance, combining perfectly executed precision and elegance into a single design. After years of research and development, meticulous craftsmanship has led to the creation of a modern engineering marvel unlike anything on the market. The folded design concept and simple 2-step assembly process have been created with the consumer in mind. Innovative foam padding added into the upper deck, increases structural support and extends the life-span of any mattress. The iDealBed 4i includes state-of-the-art features that allow full customization in the bedroom, such as multi smart mode massage, One Touch Comfort pre set memory positions such as Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat. The sleek modern sturdy design is made to fit any decor with a neutral charcoal furniture grade fabric. Two USB Charge ports conveniently located on each side of the bed to charge your mobile devices or tablet. Bright White Safety LED Flash Light built into the sleek ergonomic wireless back-lit remote. Additional convenience features include under- the-bed lighting, remote safety lock feature, massage timer, programmable memory positions, and more. The 4i Custom wasn’t only designed with medical benefits in mind but also as the ultimate comfort and convenience piece in the bed room. This adjustable bed includes ultra quiet power lift motors with an 850 lb lift capacity per side. iDealBed stands behind it’s quality and design with unmatched coverage that includes 3 years of full coverage and 10 years prorated on the entire bed. iDealBed partnered with Leggett & Platt in manufacturing the 4i Custom, Sourcing only the highest quality of materials, the iDealBed 4i is the most affordable fully featured adjustable bed base ever created.

  • Shipping Carton Box Dimensions Below Only
  • Twin XL (x2 for split king): 41″L x 38″W x 7″H
  • Split Cal King (per unit): 44″L x 36″W x 7″H
  • Full: 55″L x 38″W x 7″H
  • Queen: 60″L x 40″W x 7″H
  • Standard King: 78″L x 42″W x 7″H
  • California King: 74″L x 44″W x 7″H

7/ PragmaBed Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame, Head and Foot, California King, Gray

  • Heavy duty steel construction
    • TWIN TWIN XL supports 1600lbs. distributed weight
    • FULL QUEEN KING CAL KING supports 3200lbs. distributed weight
    • No tools required, all assembly components included
    • Capped feet prevent damage to hard floors
    • Recessed wire supports protect your mattress
    • Folding design for quick setup and storage
  • 80° articulation at head and 30° at foot
  • Silent electric motors
    • Independently adjustable head and foot section
    • Controlled with wired remote
  • Powder-coated finish
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Creates an inhospitable environment for bedbugs and dust mites
    • Easy to clean
  • Packaged efficiently for easy transport
    • Easily shipped
    • Fits into the trunk of a car
  • Customer support
    • 3 year limited liability warranty
    • US based customer support


Size Dimensions Folded Dimensions Weight
TWIN 75″ x 39″ x 14″ 37.6″ x 39.8″ x 3.3″ 78.3 lbs.
TWIN XL 80″ x 39″ x 14″ 40.2″ x 39″ x 3.3″ 80.1 lbs.
FULL 75″ x 54″ x 14″ 37.6″ x 27.2″ x 6.5″ 124.9 lbs.
QUEEN 80″ x 60″ x 14″ 40.2″ x 30.1″ x 6.5″ 133.3 lbs.
KING 80″ x 76″ x 14″ 40.2″ x 38.2″ x 6.5″ 160.9 lbs.
CAL KING 84″ x 72″ x 14″ 42.1″ x 36.2″ x 6.5″ 158.3 lbs.