Best Massage Chair

# A massage chair is a chair designed for massages, robotic massage chairs use electronic vibrators and motors to provide a massage.

# Most robotic massage chairs have some form of controller to vary the type, location, or intensity of massage.

# The benefits of a massage chair include deep relaxation, reduced blood pressure, a lowering of the pulse rate, and increased metabolism.

# Massage chairs are designed to mimic the hand motions of a massage therapist.

# Japan is the largest consumer of massage chairs with some surveys suggesting that over 20% of households actually own a massage chair.


Best Massage Chairs To Buy In 2020


1/ Kahuna SM-9000 Superior Massage Chair

Signature Air Float 3D+ massage technology
SL-Track and exclusive 6 infrared heating rollers mechanism/Experience the high performance air float 3D+ 6 infrared rollers mechanism on SL-Track.Kahuna SM-9000 ultimate high-end massage chair is designed with human body engineering research.

High quality foot massage on feet and sole using 3 different technics at once. Scraping massage, rolling massage, and kneading mechanism with fully wrapped airbags. Strengthens your foot and ankle area and minimizes foot and ankle injuries.

Space Saving & Zero Gravity
Advanced space saving technology with forward sliding mechanism allows gentle transition and requires 3 inches off from the wall. Auto zero gravity position is performed by one simple touch to achieve perfect massage position.

Premium Bluetooth technology with music sync auto program is available in the Kahuna SM-9000. Sensational massages flow with music allows more enjoyable massage experience while being
serenaded with favorite selection of songs.



2/ Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 is a specially designed frame structure and air bag system located in shoulders, arms, waist, hips, allow 3D stereoscopic massage with two zero gravity positions. Compare to LM-6800’s price to it’s many awesome qualities it is the unbeatable deal with any brand out there. Check out LM-6800 Features & Programs.

In the Japanese language, shiatsu means “finger pressure”. Shiatsu techniques include massages with fingers, thumbs, and palms to assisted stretching and joint manipulation and mobilization. LM-6800’S automatic programs based on shiatsu therapy to give user the best massage experience.

Yoga & Stretching
LM-6800 has special automated program called “Yoga” This program is designed to eliminate toxins and waste products from the body and makes the body lightly and relieve stress as well. Perfect for tired body.

L-Track Massage System
LM-6800 includes L-track with 4 wheels roller system. It is shape of roller trail designed to supports to your neck to back and all the way to buttocks. It is the longest massage track system and this position decompresses each individual’s spine and increases the effects of massage.

Space Saving Technology
Massage chair usually require over 15 inches from the wall to be in zero gravity, but LM-8800 has sliding reclining system will only need 5 to 6 inches from the wall, it will always look great to your room.

Calf & Foot Massage
There are multiple air bags for the legs and feet. It gives a compression massage. Also, there are 4 rollers and 2 assist rollers as well. You can also manually adjust the foot massager length.


3/ Relaxonchair MK-II PLUS Massage Chair

L-Track Massage System
Along with its many features that make the MK-II such a unique and top-performing chair, one of its most admired feature is the L-Track Massage System. This L-Track reaches from your neck and shoulder area all the way down to your gluten to achieve a seamless stream of relief.

Built-in Heating System
The Lumbar area of your back can easily become fatigued due to poor posture and constant movement or muscle strain. This built-in heating system of two heating pads located in the lumbar region allows the tension to release in tension and further promote relaxation.

Full Body Air Massage System
Uniquely designed airbags are programmed to inflate/deflate separately causing the body to twist and stretch on shoulders, lower back, hips, and thighs. Airbags can work simultaneously or individually and it will relieve tension and pain by applying pressure on the body.

Zero Gravity
Zero gravity chairs elevate your feet to the same level as your heart, minimizing the strain of gravity on your vertebrae. This relieves the discomfort of back pain and allows your heart to work less so you can experience the ultimate relaxation.

Computerized Body Scanning System
The built-in sensor automatically measures the length of your spine to pinpoint specific locations to massage


4/ Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair


Foot massage system

Foot roller system provides a Thai type scrapping massage bringing unprecedented comfort and enjoyment. Helps relieve foot stress and improve night sleep quality.

Heating and Vibration

Equipped with heating system to promote blood circulation and provides constant temperature to let you have a safe and comfortable heating experience.

S-track robot-hand Massage System

  • 3D Robot Hands inside of the backrest work with S-TRACK moving from neck to waist. Provide a complete massage to comfort and relax you from head to hip. Our robot-hand rollers have up to 12 different massage techniques.

Zero Gravity with armrest-linkage system

  • One-button zero-gravity design, release neck pressure and reduce heart load, bring an unprecedented massage experience.
  • The armrest-linkage system can keep your arm in the armrest with airbags all the time during Zero Gravity.


5/ Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Computer Body Scan System
Equipped with the latest technology, it allows for the rollers to map the back curvature with even more accuracy, which translates into a more precise massage hitting all the key areas. Regardless of your body type, this highly advanced chair will self-adjust making each massage experience feel customized.

True Ergonomic S-Track
The OS-4000 Zero Gravity massage chair is ergonomically designed to contour a variety of spine shapes. The Spine curvature is unique from one individual to the next. The S-track system allows the roller heads to massage along the back from the neck down to the lower spine with a consistent pressure in the massage, along with a comfortable support. The typical massage tracks, being linear, create an inconsistency in pressure applying weak massages in the neck and lower back.

2 Stage Zero Gravity
Inspired by NASA technology, the Zero gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage, aligning your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort. When reclined into the zero gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest which maximizes the intensity of the massage. This also reduces the vertical stress on the spine. There are 2 stages of zero gravity, the 2nd being more reclined. Study show that when the legs are at or above heart level, it promotes better circulation.

Next Generation Air Massage Technology
The airbag massagers have been upgraded and engineered, reducing the number of airbags and valves but at the same time increasing the surface coverage. Less power is consumed and runs more quietly with the reduction of air pumps and valves, allowing for a more tranquil massage experience. The material used to create the air bags have also been modified with industrial grade material for durability, yet soft and pliable to provide comfort and consistency.