Best Menstrual Cup in 2020

+ A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene device that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Its purpose is to collect menstrual fluid and prevent its leaking onto clothes. Menstrual cups are usually made of flexible medical grade silicone and shaped like a bell with a stem.

+ Unlike tampons and pads, cups collect menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it.One cup may be reusable for up to 10 years This makes their long-term cost lower than that of disposable tampons or pads, though the initial cost is higher.

+ Most menstrual cup brands sell a smaller and a larger size. Menstrual cups are sold colorless and translucent, but several brands also offer colored cups, such as pink or purple.

+ Menstrual cups are a safe option relative to other forms of menstrual hygiene.

Best Menstrual Cups To Buy On Amazon Right Now


1/ The Diva Cup


300 lbs. 300 bloody pounds – that’s how much waste the average person creates in a lifetime using disposable period products.


Want to save that money? The DivaCup can be reused again and again (we’d recommend changing it once per year). No more spending tons of money on tampons and pads.

Up to 12-hrs protection.

The DivaCup can be worn for up to 12 hours, depending on your menstrual flow.

Happy vagina.

It’s BPA-free, with no added chemicals, plastics, or dyes.

No nastiness.

The DivaCup is the better choice for your body.

Quality, eh?

100% Canadian and proud.

2/ Lunette

The Lunette menstrual cup is the future of period care.

Less spending: Ditch the regular dash to the store and protect your purse strings with the best reusable choice that lasts several years.

Healthier you: Lunette menstrual cups collect fluids rather than absorbing them, keeping your superior interior naturally lubricated and healthy.

Happier planet: No more endless purchases, plastics and packaging. Every period with your reusable Lunette menstrual cup is a winning vote for the environment.

More control: Unlike tampons, you never “run out” of Lunette- because it’s a reusable period cup!  Like an invisible sidekick it runs around with you either in a handy, cute pouch or sitting comfortably inside you. Meaning you can say goodbye to the worry, the hassle, the leaks and just live your life.

Different personalities, the same high quality cup.

All Lunette menstrual cups give you a comfortable, safe, odorless and eco-friendly period for up to 12 hours a day.

Easy to keep clean and lasting for several years, this product basically pays for itself after just 3 months!

Made with soft, medical grade silicon which is BPA and chemical free. It’s produced with the highest standards, testing and love.

Each Lunette menstrual cup comes with a pouch (so you can keep it with you for whenever you need) and a handy guide.

3/ Lena

Each Lena 2-Pack comes with one Lena Small and one Lena Large cups so you can take the guesswork out of cup sizing.

Lena Small is ideal to learn on and for your lighter flow days. Lena Large has a higher collection capacity and offers added protection during your heavy flow days.

Each Lena Cup comes with its own cotton storage bag.


Most people can wear either size Lena Cup but choose one over the other primarily based on flow amount, cervix height and general physique. Unlike other brands, at Lena we do not believe that age and birthing history play a significant role in choosing a menstrual cup. Mothers with multiple births are happily using LENA Small while teenagers, with a heavy flow, choose LENA Large.

Lena Small is ideal for users with a Normal flow and Lena Large is suited for people with a Heavy flow. You can visit our Sizing Guide page for further guidelines.

4/ Blossom Cup

Blue Blossom Menstrual Cup, the new and improved menstrual cup that works like the diva cup and feels like the moon cup but is more economical than both. The Blossom Menstrual Cup is the future of feminine protection. It’s your user-friendly, safe, reusable, and eco-logical alternative to pads and tampons. Using Blossom Cup helps you do your part in protecting the environment and your purse strings by offering peace of mind and a stress free menstrual cycle. Our Blossom Cup is made out of highest quality of FDA approved medical grade silicone and color pigments, which is latex-free, pliable, 100% hypoallergenic and odorless

Blossom Menstrual Cups Set of Two

EFFECTIVE, NON-INVASIVE, AFFORDABLE: World’s BEST KEPT SECRET – TRY our Blossom Silicone Menstrual Cups for a Small Fraction of the Cost of regular pads, tampons, organic pads, cloth pads, or even instead softcup.
YOU WILL LOVE THE DRAMATIC RESULTS: That will help you decrease your flow and even get less Menstrual cramps because our Blossom Menstrual cups are natural and will not Interfere with our body natural flow but instead collect and even help you measure how much you are bleeding per each menstrual cycle. IT WORKS or YOUR MONEY BACK! CLICK the
VERSATILE: You can use it anywhere, from swimming to Hiking or just sleeping overnight. Our Blossom Menstrual cup will need to be changed twice on the light days and maybe 4 times a day on the heavy menstrual days. This will depend on your individual menstrual flow.

5/ Softcup

How to insert

Wash your hands and sit on the toilet. Pinch disc in half and slowly slide into the vaginal canal pushing back and down toward the cervix as far as it will comfortably go (typically the length of your index finger).

Use your finger to tuck the rim behind your pubic bone, so it rests slightly diagonally.

How to remove

Wash your hands and sit on the toilet. Hook your finger under the front edge pulling straight out and keeping Softdisc parallel to the floor. If you are having trouble reaching the disc, push down on your pelvic muscles (like you are having a bowel movement) to untuck the rim from behind your pubic bone.

Empty the contents of the disc in the toilet and either wrap in toilet paper or use the included disposal wrapper before placing in the trash.


6/ SckoonCup

SckoonCup engineered for functionality and unparalleled comfort, Sckoon menstrual cup keeps your period simple, clean and worry-free. Its unique suction holes mold smoothly to the wall for comfort, easy-to-clean, and leak-free assurance. Its smooth, ridge-free construction promises little to no feeling when in use.

SckoonCup Superior Features :

No seams, a smoother rim, and no writing inside or out, for comfort and faster clean-up.  High capacity, angled suction holes, and aesthetically pleasing. A slimmer, softer stem for your comfort, with a solid design to make insert/removal and cleaning simple.

• Medical-grade silicone
• Made in the USA. FDA cleared and registered.
• Comes with a 100% organic cotton pouch

Why SckoonCup is BEGINNER CHOICE Menstrual Cup?

  • Softest Menstrual Cup.
  • Easy to Insert and Remove.
  • Easy to pop open.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comfortable smooth surface.
  • No seems No irritation No sensation.
  • Flexible No Poking stem bends with your body.
  • Angled to the rim suction holes for maximum capacity.
  • Durable one-piece mould design last for years.
  • No Harsh Chemicals BPA  Latex Free.
  • Made in the USA, Fda Cleared and Registered.
  • Made of FDA approved USA Medical Grade Silicone.
  • For women of all ages, even those with lower cervix.
  • Earth-friendly organic cotton carry-pouch.
  • Original Design in the USA 3 years research and development.
  • By Sckoon Organics, NYC Organic Brand since 2001.
  • Do not hold back, stay active with SckoonCup, swim, dance, bike, hike and have fun.