How to Achieve Maximum Female Orgasms

To achieve a pleasurable, fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship, both you and your partner have to develop experimental, give-and-take attitudes, with frank and trusting communication. Sex undoubtedly has a major role in building and maintaining a relationship between a man/woman and his/her lover. Therefore, sexual self-confidence and being comfortable with your own sexuality is very important.

Sex is an intimate act between two adults and it is intended to be an extremely pleasurable and satisfying activity. Yet, too often, couples do not truly enjoy sex to the levels that humans are inherently capable of. Women, especially, frequently experience sex at a less than satisfying level. According to many surveys and studies, large numbers of women are unable to orgasm through intercourse with their partners.

If you are one of those women who rarely reach the peaks of sexual pleasure when you have sex, you have probably not learnt how to achieve maximum orgasm. Female orgasm is not an automatic outcome of sexual activity – it depends largely on your own body’s ability to respond to sexual stimulation and, to a lesser extent, on your partner’s ability to arouse and stimulate you adequately.

If you find your sexual experiences less than satisfying, there are a number of steps you can take to achieve maximum orgasms.

The Importance of Foreplay

sexual foreplayTo maximize your orgasms, you have to relax and simply allow yourself to enjoy the special and very intimate moment with your partner. Do not keep thinking about whether you will reach orgasm or how to do so. If you are mentally preoccupied with thoughts and worries about your sexual performance, your ability to enjoy the sex and reach a climax is seriously diminished. Instead, focus on your partner’s body and how it is connecting and responding to yours. Concentrate on the movements and sensations of sexual pleasure that the movements create – enjoy the moment without worrying about the next step. The true essence of sex is to feel, react, and enjoy.

vigorelle clitoris stimulant creamDuring foreplay, you could try using a female sexual stimulant cream, applied to your clitoris either by yourself, or better still, by your partner. A herbal, all-natural clitoris stimulant cream, Vigorelle can help take you to the extreme heights of amazing, explosive orgasms.

Foreplay is an essential part of sexual activity, particularly in respect of helping the female partner to finally reach orgasm. Innovative initiatives in foreplay can take both partners to exciting sexual highs, getting both ready for the heights of sexual pleasure and then on to maximum orgasms. Foreplay involves teasing each other’s bodies through fondling, kissing, stroking and petting – and moving on to oral-genital stimulation but staying short of male ejaculation. In this phase of sexual excitement, you’ll feel an increased rate of heartbeat and breathing, swelling of the sexual organs as the clitoris, vagina and penis become engorged with blood. Vaginal lubrication will occur in the female, as she prepares for penetration by the penis. To experience powerful, explosive orgasms, foreplay should generally not be skipped or rushed when you are having sex with your partner.

In the heat of the moment, you and your partner may tend to proceed to sex even without foreplay. Sometimes, the sexual excitement may be so powerful that you and your partner just rush into a quick, intense sexual coupling, without allowing yourselves time for foreplay and a gradual build-up of sexual tension. While, this approach is fine for occasional sex acts, it should not be the usual norm for your sexual activity. And, if you are a woman who has difficulty in reaching orgasm, then foreplay must be considered to be essential to each act of intercourse.

Sexual Fantasies and Communication

Sexual fantasies can be a powerful aid to maximum orgasms. It is established, and acknowledged by all sex therapy experts, that it is normal for both men and women to have private thoughts and fantasies when engaging in sex with their partners. If you and your partner are comfortable about sharing each other’s fantasies, you can progress to role-playing scenes with each other. Thereby, you will not only share and actually act out your fantasies with your lover, but you will also enjoy extreme pleasure out of it.

Communicating with your partner is an important factor in maximizing your orgasms. By sharing your sexual wants and desires with your partner, it becomes easier for you and your partner to reach the peaks of sexual pleasure. Talking about the things you both want to do in bed will surely make your sexual bond even more fruitful and exciting.

The Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation is one of the best ways to learn how to achieve a powerful orgasm. If you find it difficult,female masturbation or even impossible, to reach orgasm through sexual intercourse, it may be that your clitoris – vagina system just does not know how to have an orgasm. In this situation, your difficulty in reaching orgasm may due to insufficient training of your clitoris and vagina to respond to stimulation with that natural reflex, that gives so much pleasure. If this is your situation, all you need to do, to go from non-orgasmic to orgasmic is to “teach” your genitals to respond to sexual stimulation to the point of climax. The best way to train your sex organs, to climax from stimulation, is masturbation.

Masturbation will also help you to determine your body’s pleasure spots and exactly what kind of stimulation feels best to you. Individual women have individual and different response patterns and you need to familiarize yourself with your own sexuality. Thereafter, you can communicate what you have discovered to your partner, so that he can stimulate you in the way that arouses you most. Also, the more you get to achieve pleasure and orgasm through self-pleasuring, the better your chances of achieving similar pleasure and orgasmic fulfillment with your partner. To take your masturbation experiences to the extreme peaks of sexual pleasure, use a little Vigorelle clitoris stimulant cream to aid lubrication and intensify your climax.

To maximize your response and the peaks of orgasm through masturbation, consider using a vibrator. Many research studies over the last several decades have found that the most effective way of training a woman’s sexual system to respond to stimulation to the point of orgasm is to masturbate with a vibrator. Truly remarkable results are achieved by the use of vibrators for female sexual stimulation and women go very easily from being non-orgasmic to orgasmic with vibrator assisted masturbation.

Good Physical Health for Maximum Sexual Pleasure

Keeping your body in good physical condition and at high levels of fitness, maintaining optimum weight, will enhance your sexual energy and help you to maintain fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship with your partner. Other than promptly dealing with all medical issues in consultation with you doctor, proper nutrition, adequate exercise and adequate rest are important pre-requisites for a satisfying sex life. In addition, there are specific health supplements formulated for women that will keep your libido, sex drive and sexual responsiveness at peak levels. Try Provestra, a herbal supplement developed specifically for women, that enhances female libido, sexual responsiveness and orgasm

Maximum Orgasm and sexual Pleasure

It is not too difficult to achieve total sexual pleasure and intense powerful orgasms. What is important is to discover, understand and accept your sexuality, without restraint and feelings of “right” and “wrong”. Let yourself go, let the moment of sexual excitement take over, relax, enjoy and never be embarrassed to share the excitement with your partner – maximum orgasms will necessarily follow.